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Coming together in deepest Germany this group of musicians have their origins spread far and wide across multiple genres. An Underground performance artist and singer, a German bass player on a journey from Jazz to Psychedelia and an English avant-garde guitar player who happened to fall into their trip. Combine these three with a troupe of ever changing classical, jazz and rock musicians and you have the phenomenon that is PowNow.

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Record label - Events - Good times

© 2019 Goodtimes Music

Goodtimes Music is the hub for underground artists trying to make it in the modern music scene.

We are a brighton based record label with our own recording studio. We’re looking for bands to record, release, promote and put on at our events, including our annual festival; the Scallywag Party!

We are handpicking our favourite artists, recording, releasing and promoting their music, with the intention of creating something bigger together, than we can individually. As a collective we can make an impact, spread our music further and reach a wider audience.

If you like music, please check out some of the albums we have for sale, and buy yourself a copy to help support the cause. If you’ve got something to record, then drop us a line