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Frank Greene Band’s new single launch at the Duke of Wellington

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Funk extraordinaires Frank Greene Band are launching their new single ‘Turn it loose’ at the Duke of Wellington on Thursday the 28th of November. Here’s a little about the band - Frank Greene Band have been together since 2014, they’ve supported acts such as The Blockheads, New Street Adventure & PP Arnold. They’ve appeared at such fabulous festivals as Carfest South, Elderflower Fields and A Scallywag Party.

Their music is “packed with infectious melodies, inescapable hooks and more on-stage and on-record energy than any band should rightfully own.” - they boast nine eight members, each with an impressive music history (much too much to include in a little blog post) - their sound is fundamentally funk and soul, but having such a diversity of talent and history amongst their members, they’re not afraid to dabble. This is all made buttery-smooth by their impressive set of vocalists, which make up over half the band!

You can find the Facebook event here

and a video of them playing ‘Turn it loose’ at our studio here

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